High IQ Societies

Mensa - Recommended especially for offline interaction, and for its excellent monthly magazine. Each country has its own branch of Mensa (for example, I am a member of American Mensa). Membership entitles you to both a monthly newsletter from your local group, as well as one from your national group (the Mensa Bulletin, if you are in the US, which is very good). Mensa has regular gatherings and meetings on the local, regional (RGs, or Regional Gatherings), and national (AGs, or Annual Gatherings) levels. You can also attend gatherings in other countries. Many local groups have several meetings each month, covering a wide range of topics. Mensa offers single and multi-year memberships, and Life Memberships. Mensa was founded in 1946, and is the oldest functioning high IQ society. Mensa has over 50,000 members in the US, and around 100,000 worldwide. Only scores from supervised tests are accepted for purposes of joining Mensa.

Literarian Society - Home of Talented, Literary Artists and Aspirants (IQ 130 sd 15/132 sd 16 or above required). One must pass the LSEE in order to join, also. "The Literarian Society aspires to become a warm fellowship of genuinely gifted, literary individuals. I, Beau Clemmons, founder of LS, hereupon August 1, 2010, plan to have weekly book discussions, present mind-boggling puzzles, nurture the poetic, artistic side of my members, and engender a strong, symbiotic literary community here."

Mysterium Fellowship - "Mysterium is beyond outer space, inner space, and cyberspace. Mysterium is a nurturing, stimulating, and inspiring "growth link" to human creativity, ingenuity, and originality that is ungirded by experience and productivity. - Greg A. Grove, Ph.D., Psy.D. (Founder)". Those interested must pass the online Mysterium Entrance Exam 4 which is free, and the results are confidential.

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