High IQ Societies

The Outsiders - A well known and respected article by the late Grady Towers.

Rick Rosner featured in a Domino's Pizza commercial - Rosner is mentioned further into this page a couple of times.

Rick Rosner in the "Smartest Guy in the World" series - Thanks to Adam Kisby for telling me of these. There are 8 in the series, all found at the link above. They are quite funny, but be warned that there is some profanity and violence.

Interviews with Rick Rosner and Chris Langan in Errol Morris' "First Person" - Disc 3 contains the interviews "One in a Million Trillion", which is the story of Rick Rosner, and "The Smartest Man in the World", an interview with Chris Langan. These 2 individuals are current and former (respectively) members of the Mega Society, with Rosner being the first and only person to achieve a perfect score on the extremely difficult Titan Test.

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